To take Quality, Efficient and Sustainable Eye Health to all Nations of the World.


To provide sustainable access to quality eye care in Communities and help people maximize potentials.


To be a global assembly of Professional Caregivers and champions of eye care everywhere.

Sustainable Health

Our health system is designed to provide sustainable Nation-wide access to quality and affordable eye care services. We provide quality at its cheapest rate and make patient satisfaction our foremost priority. We bring excellence to eye care services.

Public Health

Our fundamental desire lies in providing access to quality and comprehensive eye examination for everyone across various climes. Our vibrant Mobile Out-Clinic unit takes eye care to Schools, Religious Centres, and Communities.

Qualitative Research

Our Vision is to be the frontline eye health research organization working for the common good of all through quality, efficient and sustainable research designs & technologies

Public Health Programs

Radio Show

"Eye Health on Air is a Public Oriented awareness program to improve eye health knowledge amongst Radio Listeners."

See Well Project

See Well Eye Project (SWEP) is a community based programme targeted at bringing quality eye care services and eye health knowledge to the reach of people in underserved communities.

IFM fitness walk

Vision Care Givers International partnered with Inspiration FM Uyo to host a State wide Fitness exercise at the Uyo township stadium. It was a blend of physical fitness and quality eye health. We provided free eye examination to all participants.

Children Vision Month

Children’s eye health is a core focus, as about 80% of everything a child learns is through the eyes. The month of MAY is dedicated as Children’s vision month. We focus primarily on educating parents on the importance of eye care in children, the common eye problems in children and provide basic counsels to parents and teachers. Programs also includes free eye examination for children throughout the month at any of our locations.

Health Education

We explore every available medium to teach health. We use health education as a powerful weapon to create a healthy society.


Our electronic Medical Information System and Robotics is building a healthy society using an integrated patient-centered medley of Health Education, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We provide health education for all specialties of health. Our articles are multilingual and are widely read in over 187 countries.


Eye Health Bulletin

Our eye health awareness campaign is raising eye health experts in different communities. We produce and distribute monthly bulletins on different eye health issues in thousands; articles are well written with the public in mind. You can download and share with friends and family.

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Impact Stories

"We launched PREVENT BLINDNESS AFRICA at the 2018 Africa Ideas Summit at College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, USA"

"Hand of Hope Malawi Project provided quality eye care in Dzaleka; a home for over 40,000 Refugees from Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, DRC and Ethiopia. We excellently served Refugees and many Malawians."
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Make A Donation

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference"


Mobile Clinic

Our mobile unit provides top-notch specialized eye care in homes and offices. The Vision Home Care aims to bridge the gap in service delivery for those with very busy schedules, the elderly, bedridden and those who desire professional services in the comfort of their homes or offices. We provide comprehensive eye examination, blood pressure and blood sugar assessment, Intraocular pressure measurements, refraction, ophthalmic frames and lensdispensing, drug prescription and counselling all in the space of one home or office visit. We ensure the services you receive in a home visit are one and the same if you were to visit us in any of our clinic locations. Book a home/office eye care service today and let’s bring excellence to your door step.


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