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“Eye health remains the most valuable asset in creating a where quality, efficient and sustainable eye health is available to all in individuals in every Nation. We use every available media to teach eye health”
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See Well Eye Project

See Well Eye Project (SWEP) is a community based programme targeted at bringing quality eye care services and eye health knowledge to the reach of people in various communities.

The programme was a much awaited miracle in some remote communities visited. The project which started in May 2016 reached over 30 communities across 6 local government areas of AkwaIbom State, attending to well over 1000 beneficiaries by the end of 2016. Eye health lectures were held in 20 locations including churches, schools and corporate offices

IFM fitness walk

On the 22nd January 2016, Vision Care Givers international in collaboration with Inspiration FM Uyo hosted a state wide fitness exercise at the Uyo township stadium. The program was attended by top government officials including the state commissioner of police and other special forces. The program which commenced at about 6:00am witnessed thousands of participants come from everywhere across the state.

After the fitness exercise vision care givers where present to conduct free eye examination for participants. For most of the participants, it was a worthwhile opportunity as most of them had free access to a comprehensive eye examination for the first time. Many of the people seen showed great appreciation to the team and the organizers of the programme, as it was very orderly and fast.

Work Place Vision Month

The month of June is dedicated to workplace vision, we educate workers on the importance of quality eye health in the workplace and safety measures to protect vision. We focus on the importance of efficient work place eye health, the common work place eye health challenges and eye health safety tips for different work stations.Programs also includes free eye examination for workers throughout the month at any of our locations

The 2016 edition witnessed the production of over 2000 copies of eye health bulletin dedicated to workplace eye health and safety. The copies were made available to workers in their various workplaces across Uyo metropolis. After the education, workers were provided an opportunity to have free eye examination throughout the month at Vision Care Home Uyo.

Children Vision Month

Children’s eye health is a core focus, as about 80% of everything a child learns is through the eyes. The month of MAY is dedicated as Children’s vision month. We focus primarily on educating parents on the importance of eye care in children, the common eye problems in children and provide basic counsels to parents and teachers. Programs also includes free eye examination for children throughout the month at any of our locations

The 2016 edition of Children Vision month started with the production of 1000 copies of eye health bulletin focusing on eye care in children. The said copies were made available in different schools; we scheduled variety of lectures in different centres both to parents, teachers and students alike. The whole month was dedicated to providing free eye examination for children at our vision care centres and we made lots of impact being the first of its kind in Uyo metropolis.

High School Vision Month

July is our high school vision month; we focus on the vision demand experienced by students in high school and colleges. We believe higher school creates higher vision demand. We attempt to provide basic eye health understanding for students with emphasis on harmful habits that affect vision. Programs included free distribution of eye health bulletins, focused lectures and free comprehensive eye examination at any of our locations.

The 2016 edition of High school vision month began with the production of electronic copies of eye health bulletin focused on high school vision demand. Visits were paid to the various tertiary institutions in the Uyo metropolis, brief lectures were given at various lecture theatres, thereafter the electronic copies of the education materials where made available to the students. Vision Care Home, Uyo played host to a number of students who read the materials and decided to come for the free eye examination.


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