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Our fundamental desire lies in providing access to quality and comprehensive eye examination for everyone across various climes. Our vibrant Mobile Out-Clinic unit takes eye care to Schools, Religious Centres, and Communities.


Mobile Out-Clinic (MOC) is our Out-Service arm bringing quality eye care services to the door post of those who need them the most free of charge. Lack of access to quality eye care is undoubtedly the main cause of avoidable blindness especially in developing countries.

We believe the gift of sight can make a difference between a life of opportunity and a life of poverty. We are devoted to making this gift available to everyone in every place across the globe.We plan and implement eye care programs across schools, communities, religious centres, as well as corporate services.

Let’s Join Hands to fight blindness

  • Volunteer and participate in a field work
  • Sponsor a free eye care service in your area
  • Partner with us


"Our vision is to take quality, efficient and sustainable eye health to all Nations. We work locally and think globally. We hope to be everywhere you find humans."


Our fulfilment is in creating better lives for people all over the world. We are deeply committed to solving problems and measure success by how much difference we make in the lives of beneficiaries. Below are selected real stories from change agents and changed lives


‘’Our organization is built by young people and driven by young people. We leverage on youthful strength, energy, passion and commitment towards fighting avoidable blindness and establishing sustaining structures. We showcase the very best of young visionary leadership.’’

Vision Care Givers International Initiative is registered as an incorporated trustee with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the category of International Non-Profit and Non-governmental Organizations (CAC/IT/NO 88681).

Our Executives

Doctor Aziken Lucky is an outstanding eye care professional, visionary leader and change agent. He envisions a world where no one is needlessly blind and people are maximizing potentials. His lifetime commitment is to make that world a reality. He is an award winning graduate of the University of Benin Optometry School, where he bagged the Doctor of Optometry Degree and the Nigerian Optometric Association’s President award as best Clinical Student.

He holds a proficiency certificate in management from the Nigerian Institute of management and Certificate of Participation, Global Blindness Course from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

He has served in many volunteer positions for United Nations, Rural Africa Health Initiative and other human development organizations.

He is the privileged visionary of Vision Care Givers international and serves as Chief Executive Officer. He is the Chairman of the Board of trustees of Vision Care Givers International Initiative.

Doctor Egharevba Trust is a visionary Optometrist and life coach. His passion is to see people live life to the fullest in all noble areas. He obtained a Doctor of Optometry degree from the prestigious University of Benin Optometry School. He is a chartered Manager with a proficiency certificate in management from the Nigerian Institute of Management. He is vastly experienced in Primary Eye Care, Public based Programs Organization and management.

He has served as volunteer Optometrist in many reputable organizations; 700Club, International Centre for Vision and HealthCare, Dominion international Church Medical team.

He serves as Executive secretary of Vision Care Givers International and interim Director of Programs for the Mobile Out clinic unit. He is a member of the Board of trustees for Vision Care Givers International Initiative.

Edema Tega Pretty is an extremely intelligent young lawyer with a passion for excellence and productivity. She graduated from the prestigious University of Benin Law school and currently pursuing her Masters in Laws degree. She is proficient in management, Solicitorship, dispute resolution and litigation.

She is a principal partner, Apogee Law Firm,Warri Delta State and the Executive secretary of WWW committee.

She serves as legal adviser of Vision Care Givers International and handles all legal matters relating to the organization. She is a member of the Executive Council of the organization.


‘’VCGi is an assembly of professional Care givers with a strong passion to make a difference in the lives of people across the globe, our team cuts across all disciplines of life, with core focus on eye health.’’
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‘’We believe there is no better way to change lives like maximizing sight and vision care remains the heart of national transformation. You can make a difference today, partner with us, as we take eye health to underserved communities.’’


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