Sustainable Health

Our health system is designed to provide sustainable Nation-wide access to quality and affordable eye care services. We provide quality at its cheapest rate and make patient satisfaction our foremost priority. We bring excellence to eye care services.


Vision Care Health Systems is a network of vision care centres that aims to provide excellent and sustainable eye care services. It runs as a social enterprise and helps to sustain the progress made by our field work team in providing continuity of care. Our care centres are either independent facilities or integrated centres in existing health institutions.

Our Vision Care Home combines technology and excellence in solving eye care challenges.


“We pride ourselves as an excellent institution with strong empathy for patients. For us, eye care is a calling and we give our best to solve patients’ problems.”

Vision Home-Care is our specialised platform designed to serve those bedridden, immobile and those in need of private consultations in the comfort of their homes. With our mobile eye testing kits we transform your home to meet with standard clinical care environment. 


VCGi Vision Care App: 
"VCGi Vision Care App is our global online platform designed to promote eye health and overall health. We are building a global Community of individuals enjoying quality, efficient and sustainable eye health."


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